Funny Food 123

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Download Funny Food 123. This app is in the Educational Games category and for Android users. You can install it for free on your mobile device.

It is the continuation of 3 years of popular educational preschool educational games for boys - boys games and free girl games. Games and educational games for kids free: help your child learn to count and compare numbers from 1 to 10!

IrPlay your memory by playing with cheerful fruits and vegetables, improving your attention span and logic! With lots of clues spread across the game count for kids, your preschooler can learn by playing without the help of his parents.

Food «Funny Food 123! Preschool educational children's games »15 pre-school education games included: öncesi

Le CAKE NUMBER - Decorate the birthday cake with colorful cream numbers. (Free baby games: teaches how to write numbers)

Al SHOP - Buy food from the shop. Count the food and coins. (Counting from 1 to 10)

Öğren FUN SHOOTING GALLERY - Shoot balloons and learn numbers. (Develops attention time, reflexes and fine motor skills to recognize numbers - applications for babies)

Say MAGIC GARDEN - Magic Grow real vegetables in the garden and count them. (Learning games: Teaches to write and count numbers)

Paylaş Cookies - Cook and share math cookies with cute little animals. (Allows to recognize numbers)

Seç SPACE BASE (SPACE PORT) - Choose your team to travel together in space. (Teaches simple collection)

Et FACTORY - Help the animals by counting and packing their food. (Learning games: much or less comparison)

Için PIZZA - Split delicious pizzas to share with your friends. (Proximity to fractions - girls games)

Et PHONE - Help your friends talk on the phone. (Improves the ability to remember time and numbers - pre-school educational games 3 years old)

Et SPACE JOURNEY - Drive your ship to space and help the cheerful food to travel to distant planets. (Free children's games: relative amounts)

Kurtar CANKURTARANLAR - Save cheerful food from desert island. (Comparison of numbers and quantities)

Pişir ENTERTAINMENT CUISINE - Recipe a delicious meal. (He establishes a proximity to all and his parts concept)

EniThree games can be bought for free: Cake Number, SHOP and Speed ​​Train. To be able to access all 15 games, you must obtain the full version of the application.
Mini preschool educational games of educational games free app focuses on the winning and development skills that each preschool child needs!

CıBaby games free fame aim; games for girls (free girl games); learn to count, to make children closer to numbers and to take the first steps in mathematics.
Applications for babies is an irreplaceable helper for thoughtful parents. With her help, children develop basic mathematics by learning with ease as if playing happily.

OcukThe contents of games for children:
Oyun15 english games for girls and girls games
Resim Joyful and colorful pictures
Şeli Bright and cheerful animation
Öncesi Preschool education
???? Great music
, Learning tools for children: logic, memory, speech, imagination
Oyun Educational games for the youngest students in free children's games
Arası A clear and useful interface for preschool and preschool aged 3-6 years
???? Learn to count from 1 to 10!
Ell Learn sequential numbers and prepare hands for writing
Iler A unique learning method for young students.
Z No internet connection required.

Food «Funny Food 123! We are confident that pre-school children's games will be of great help to parents. With this app your child will discover new things that will develop continuously!
This wonderful app is a great introduction to the world where courtesy, passion and empathy are an important part of human development, in addition to being a teaching tool for young children.

UndaA part of the content can be used in the free version of the application. An internal purchase is required to purchase the full amount.

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